Guide To The Best Stone for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

Kitchen Countertop Options

Best Stone For Counters

So you’ve decided that you want stone countertops, which is great news! Stone countertops have a lot to offer, and they offer a lot of variety.

That’s what brings us to our topic—choosing the right stone for your countertops.

But with so many options to choose from today, how does one decide the best stone countertop?

Let’s discuss some of the factors that might go into your decision, as well as how some of your options might fit in.

best stone for countertops

Which Stone Countertop Is Best for Kitchens?

While it would be nice to find a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, the truth can be a bit more complex. Importantly, different kitchens see different uses each day.

As such, the answer to this question can vary between each kitchen! What’s more, different stone types and slab options can offer vastly different aesthetics, making the theme and appearance of your kitchen an important consideration.

For example, marble is prized for its usefulness in kitchens where baking is a common occurrence; it’s cool to the touch and easy to work on with flour and other baking materials. It’s also often light-colored and complements lighter spaces well while offering a pleasant contrast to darker spaces.

Granite, while also tolerant of heat, is prized for its ability to resist stains, which it typically does better than marble. Granite is also beloved for its natural beauty, as marble is. It’s often used in spaces where stove-based cooking is frequent, as it resists stains and scratches well. There is also soapstone, which is soft to the touch and, though easily scratchable, is also easily buffed out. And finally, there’s quartzite, which is known for its striking range of colors and patterns.

Which Stone Countertop Is Best for Bathrooms?

Like the question of the best kitchen countertop, the best bathroom countertop varies, in part depending on the use of the bathroom, your goals, and your existing theme and aesthetics.

Marble is a popular choice for bathrooms. It offers a gorgeous space to prepare for your day or wind down.

While marble is beloved for its beauty and longevity, it requires care to avoid staining, and for that reason, many homeowners might also opt for hardier materials, such as granite, which is easy to clean and, when sealed properly, doesn’t stain easily.

Soapstone is another favorite, and quartzite, while a less common sight in bathrooms, can make a stunning statement.

Finding the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to finding the perfect countertops, there’s a lot to consider. We’ve explored some of your options in materials, but it’s also important to consider each slab and your goals for your space.

Ultimately, the best stone for kitchen and bathroom countertops can depend on your needs, how you’ll use the space, and the style you’re trying to create in your most used spaces.

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