SoapStone Countertops in Rochester, NY

Soapstone, a dense and non-porous natural stone, typically exhibits dark hues. Though it is relatively soft, proper care is essential to prevent scratches and chips. Explore our collection of popular soapstone colors below to find the perfect fit for your project.
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Why SoapStone Countertops

Not all Soapstones are the same, but there are two basic types of soapstone that most people are familiar with. The first is Artistic Grade soapstone. Artistic grade is soft. It can easily be carved with hand tools to make statues and figurines. It also comes in a variety of colors: white, green, pink, etc. This type of soapstone is made up of mostly mineral talc and is not good for making countertops and sinks.
By contrast, Architectural Grade Soapstone has much less mineral talc and is significantly harder than Artistic. This type of soapstone can be blocked and slabbed for the making of countertops and sinks and is very durable. That said, not all Architectural Grade soapstone is the same. Some are harder than others, but the common theme in all soapstones is that they all contain mineral talc. Without talc, it is not considered soapstone.
Soapstone is a dense, non-porous natural stone that’s often dark in color. Soapstone is a fairly soft stone that will need care to evade scratches and chips. This stone is also soft to the touch and very sanitary in the kitchen. Consider a mineral oil to enhance its beauty and create a beautiful patina over time.